Friday, October 30, 2009

Day-of vs. Month-of Planning

Here's another from the MasterPiece Weddings feature defining the difference between day-of and month-of planning. Be sure to check out the MasterPiece Weddings blog for the rest.

Written by Melissa, of MasterPiece Weddings:

I think there is a misconception as to what a Day Of Coordinator (or Month of...or whatever your planner calls it) and what a Full Service Wedding Planner can do to help you.

There are similarities and differences.

Both services will be there on your wedding day or organize and orchestrate your wedding day. And you get to work with a planner, but the similaries sort of end there.

If you have a Full Service Coordinator they will do the following, plus a TON more:

• Help with budget
• Review contracts and negotiate your contracts, make sure nothing is missing or duplicated
• Offer Vendor Recommendations
• Attend your meetings with your vendors (offer our opinions)
• Assist with décor
• Help with Set up and possibly breakdown
• Be “In-the-know” with every aspect of your wedding
• Create and extensive timeline for each vendor involved in your wedding
• Organize and Orchestrate your Rehearsal and Wedding Day
• More extensive time on the day of the wedding
• And Much, much more!

What can a Day Of Coordinator do for you:

• Be there on the day of your wedding and your rehearsal to organize and orchestrate your day
• Meet with you 1 or 2 times prior to your wedding
• Be there for a limited amount of time on your wedding day
• Create a timeline
• Coordinate your Ceremony

It really depends on what you need. How much you’ve planned.
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