Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Name: Lisa Green
Location: New York City
Company: Anderson Green Events
Years in Business: Established in 2007

What do you specialize in (Day of Coordination, Full Service Design…)?
I specialize in ensuring that the bride is a bride and the groom is a groom on their wedding day. My services range from Day Of to Full Planning.

What are your three favorite sources of wedding inspiration?
Photographers websites and blogs, Interior Design magazines and blogs and DIY projects I find around the web. I look at all the wedding blogs too but mainly for color inspiration.

What made you get started in wedding planning?
I LOVE planning and organizing. Planning parties, planning trips, planning just about anything. It drives my husband insane when I announce that we are having a dinner party, since I treat it like a royal affair. My mother worked in fundraising events, so I’d been exposed to planning events from a young age. After college I worked at Sotheby’s and then a hedge fund and realized that I wasn’t doing what made my happy {or let’s face it, what I was great at}. I had an opportunity to work for a planner and as they say, the rest is history! Out of chance / luck / destiny & the right timing, my firm was born. Its grown organically in two years and I am having the best time helping to create seamless and beautiful weddings.

What is one thing in your office that you could not live without, technology excluded?
Besides my office mates, Lulu and Max {my french bulldogs}, I would say SPACE. While I love certain technological advances that are wonderful and great, I still like pen and paper and being able to write notes and keep my day planner close to me. I also like space so I can spread out and work on projects ~ putting together welcome bags, or creating inspiration boards. Being cramped just doesn’t cut it for me!

If you could make one recommendation to a new planner, what would it be?
Research and know the industry inside and out. Do your homework. Know who the ‘key’ players are in every field. Without research, you’ll never be able to formulate new trends or to stay ahead of the curve. Read a ton of business books to educate yourself not only in weddings and event planning but in business overall. Don’t forget that while planning weddings is awesome, you need to also be schooled in accounting, filing, marketing, advertising and technology. Write a solid business plan. If you treat your business like a business and not a hobby, everyone will treat it that way too. And lastly, remember that timing is everything.


Anonymous said...

I know Lisa well shes my daughter and an amazingly weel organized individual who is doing a fantastic job in a career for which she is ideally suited and loves.
Always read her blogs they provide real value even if your not gettin married.

Anonymous said...

Lisa planned a wedding for us and did an amazing job! Thanks again lisa.

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