Wednesday, October 14, 2009


And now, the grand finale... an interview with the big cheese Melissa herself.

Melissa DiStefano | MasterPiece Weddings

Name: Melissa DiStefano
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Company: MasterPiece Weddings, MasterPiece Certified
Years in Business: 15
Website: |
Blog: |

What are your three favorite sources of wedding inspiration?
Blogs (none specific, because really, I can find inspiration in a Home Depot circular), Wedding Magazines, and my clients (for without them, I wouldn’t be…)

Why did you get started wedding planning?
You’ve probably heard this story before, and it’s sort of a funny story, I assisted a wedding planner while in High School, and she was the epitome of everything you DO NOT want to be as a wedding planner. She was feared and scary! I vowed to never be a wedding consultant if that is what it meant to be in this industry. When I moved away to go to school at The University of Florida (Go! Gators!) I assisted a fabulous couple that are wedding photographers – loved them! They taught me everything right about the wedding industry! I had a family emergency and moved back home for about a month and when I came back my job was filled. So, I got a job assisting another wedding photographer – complete 180! He was mean, and terrible – I worked 20 hour days and got paid $25 (for the whole day)! I came home from one August wedding, it was 102 degrees outside - I was exhausted, had sweat in places I didn’t know you could sweat in, and my poor husband had waited up for me. I walked into the front door and laid down – started to cry and said “I might as well just become a freakin’ wedding planner!” as he stumbled over me on his way to bed, he said “well, then just do it” – the rest is history.

What is one thing in your office that you could not live without, technology excluded?
Gosh, this is a hard--- why do I ask this question! Okay, deep breaths… I would have to say Amanda – does that count? Or is that slave-like – but I pay her. So it should count, right? But really, seriously! Without Amanda and Erinn (now I am up to two things, I totally suck at this!) they are my left and right hands and I love them for their crazy mind reading abilities, and to know when something needs to get done, and just do it.

I love you guys!

If you could make one recommendation to a new planner, what would it be?
READ.THIS.BLOG! And if I can be shameless… wait, it is my blog, I can be shameless.

No, seriously, get educated, take classes, take a course like course. Get in the industry, learn from people. Don’t just say “Hi, I’m Sally, I’m a Wedding Planner," just because you totally loved planning your wedding. That’s not fair to the educated professional (can I stress PROFESSIONAL) wedding planners.

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GrayPhotography - Zach and Jody said...

So cool! Thanks for this! PS Love the photo! ha ha - JG

Pamela Parker/Beginnings said...

Thank you Thank you !!
I have enjoyed this series so much Melissa.

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