Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'M A PLANNER ON BE A PLANNER: Valerie Metrejean

Valerie Metrejean | Southern Fete

Name: Valerie Metrejean

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana

Company: Southern Fete, The Wedding Shoebox, Butterscotch Press

Years in Business: 1 and 1/2

What do you specialize in (Day of Coordination, Full Service Design…)?

Full-service design. Southern Fete caters to brides who want a creative approach to their wedding day.

What are your three favorite sources of wedding inspiration?

Southern Weddings Magazine, Martha Stewart Magazine and House Beautiful Magazine. All magazines! I graduated in journalism and have so much appreciation for printed materials. All that inspiration chocked full in something I can carry anywhere. But of course, wedding blogs also. I could get lost for days perusing them!

What made you get started in wedding planning?

I was a bridesmaid in three weddings in 2 months. I saw so much stress and wished I could do more. When I looked into working for a local wedding planner, I saw an open market and launched my own business. I never imagined I would ever own my own business.

What is one thing in your office that you could not live without, technology excluded?

Hands down my MacBook. Visually though, I’ve been able to create my office infusing my own personality completely. OK, I’m a little biased but it’s beautiful! And it keeps me inspired me to constantly make other things beautiful.

If you could make one recommendation to a new planner, what would it be?

Knowledge and experience are invaluable. I completely recommend getting certified and training like Melissa offers. Also know that at some point you need to just do it. Don't be afraid that you aren't ready. When I started, I had helped a wedding planner with one event. That’s it. I booked 5 weddings before I had done one by myself because I carried myself with confidence. I have heard too many wedding planners say they should have started sooner. Don’t wait!!

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southernfete said...

Thanks so much ladies!!

Faith O. Folayan said...

Thank you Valerie! Very inspiring post.

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