Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Blog Favorite: Edit and Post

So, Ami, the brain behind the legendary Elizabeth Anne Designs, recently launched Edit and Post - a blog about business and blogging. In Ami's words, it "will encourage you to think more closely about your blog, about your business, and about your goals."

Launched only about a week ago, Edit and Post already has a ton of really helpful entries. And, of course, with a business background and a wealth of experience working in the blogging word, Ami - and her posts - are quite brilliant.

As a planner, if you do not already have a blog as part of your marketing strategy, take a look at what Ami has to say. Undoubtedly, this new venture of hers will be invaluable to both bloggers and business minds alike.

1 comment:

Ami @ Elizabeth Anne Designs said...

you are so kind, thank you so much amanda and melissa for blogging about edit and post!

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